Outdoor Lighting and Sound

Illuminate and Enrich Your Outdoor Experience

Create the perfect ambiance with custom lighting and sound systems

Landworks Unlimited, Inc. specializes in enhancing outdoor living spaces with custom outdoor lighting and sound systems designed to elevate your experience. Serving the Hampton Roads area, our team combines technical expertise with creative design to deliver solutions that not only illuminate your space beautifully but also enrich it with high-quality sound. Whether it's setting the mood for a quiet evening or enhancing the energy of outdoor gatherings, our lighting and sound installations are tailored to your lifestyle, ensuring your outdoor space becomes a more inviting, enjoyable, and functional extension of your home.

Tailored lighting design

Our lighting solutions are designed to highlight your landscape's best features, enhance safety, and set the desired mood. From pathway lights to accent lighting, we carefully plan and install lighting that complements your outdoor space and meets your specific needs.

High-fidelity outdoor sound

Experience crystal-clear sound quality with our outdoor sound systems, designed to blend seamlessly into your landscape. Our systems are customizable to your listening preferences, whether you're enjoying background music or hosting a movie night under the stars.

Integrated systems for ease of use

We specialize in integrating lighting and sound systems into a cohesive outdoor experience that's easy to control. With the latest smart technology, manage your outdoor ambiance from anywhere, ensuring your space is always ready for any occasion.

Professional installation and service

Our team of experienced professionals ensures that your outdoor lighting and sound systems are installed with precision and care. We use high-quality, durable equipment designed to withstand the elements, providing reliable performance year after year.

Outdoor Lighting & Sound

Explore our gallery to see examples of our outdoor lighting and sound installations.

Illuminate and enrich your outdoors 

With Landworks Unlimited, Inc., transform your outdoor spaces into areas of beauty and harmony where:

Custom ambiance

Tailored lighting and sound solutions that fit your outdoor lifestyle.

Seamless integration

Easy-to-use systems that blend beautifully with your landscape.

Expert installation

Depend on our skilled professionals for meticulous setup and reliable performance.

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Frequently asked questions

Considering integrating outdoor lighting and sound into your landscape but have some questions? Below, we've compiled answers to some common queries to help clarify how Landworks Unlimited, Inc. can illuminate and enrich your outdoor living experience.

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