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Let Landworks Unlimited, Inc. enhance the look and security of your house with outdoor accent lighting. Don't let the nice look of your landscape and home go unnoticed once the sun goes down. From patio and wall lighting to lighting the focal points of your house and landscape, we do it all.


Lighting enhances the look of your home once the sun goes down. Properly designed systems will accent all the architectural features of the home and will bring out a whole new look by lighting paths and tress.


Outdoor landscape lighting can increase the security by brightening up dark places around the home acting as a deterrent to criminals. Using LED lights will reduce energy consumption and allow you to run them from dusk to dawn keeping your house lit. 


Landscape lighting on yard and house


Key Benefits of Landscape Lighting

Properly designed landscape lighting will make your landscape pop in addition to the security and safety benefits. 

  Highlights the architectural features of your home and landscape
  Increases security around the home for peace of mind
  Lights paths for guests
  Low energy consumption with LED lights
  Increases curb appeal 

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      Patio lighting
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      Landscape lighting in garden
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