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Whether you have small erosion problems such as washouts in beds or turf, or you are losing your property due to a large body of water, Landworks Unlimited, Inc. is your erosion control experts. 


Don't let erosion take over your property. If you are losing your land due to a lake, pond or river, we have a 3 step plan to reclaim your property. In addition to proper grading we can find a solution to your erosion problems. 


We install river rock to control washouts in beds and also use mass plantings to control washouts in the lawn. 


Key Benefits of Preventing Erosion

Erosion doesn't need to take over your property. With proper grading, plantings and erosion control techniques, we can protect your property. 

  Reduces soil loss and subsequent property
  Protects your home's foundation & value
  Prevents water run-off into lakes and streams
  Reduces the negative effects on shrubs and landscaping
  Prevents erosion from getting worse costing more money

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    Erosion Gallery

    • River rock to control erosion
    • Erosion control on lake side
    • Erosion control and retaining wall
    • River rock and planting bed
    • Erosion control on slope
    • Multistep approach to erosion control