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Whatever your budget is, we can create an outdoor space you have always wanted using pavers. We work with many different various manufacturers so we can always integrate the right product for the job. 


Pavers are the most aesthetic and maintenance free product you can use. They are more durable than concrete and are able to hold the weight better. Pavers come in a variety of colors, sizes, patterns and textures so your paver addition can be unique to your taste.


Start enjoying those chilly nights relaxing by your custom fire pit. Turn your ordinary backyard into a cozy oasis. Enjoy the warmth on the fire pit sitting wall or paver sitting wall. Its permanent seating allows you to not worry about bringing out those pesky chairs.


Do you want an outdoor kitchen, permanent inset grill, wood-fired pizza oven or an outdoor bar? Landworks Unlimited, Inc. does it all. Outdoor kitchens separate your yard from all the rest and increase the value of your home. Let us build you the best entertainment space in the whole neighborhood that will make all of your neighbor's jaws drop. 


Key Benefits of Stone & Hardscaping

Hardscaping complements a nice landscape and creates a maintenance free, usable space to enjoy the great outdoors. Add in a fire pit or an outdoor kitchen and you can entertain or just relax year round without our mild winters.

  Adds functionality and beauty
  Expands your living space 
  Reduces maintenance & offers privacy
  Cost effective and increases home's value
  Enjoy the great outdoors

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    Hardscape Gallery

    • Paver patio walkway
    • Paver retaining wall
      Paver retaining wall
    • paver-patio-wall
      Paver patio wall
    • paver patio backyard
      paver patio backyard
    • Round firepit with patio
    • Square fire pit
    • Patio with stone
    • Patio and integrated bench walls
    Do your pavers need a cleaning and resealing? We can help