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Over time, weather elements will take a toll on your hardscape space and will begin to degrade the appearance of your walkway or patio. Also, improper installation can cause settlement, shifting, weed growth, moss, and dirt to build up. This will turn your once stunning patio into an eyesore. Bring your hardscape back to life with our cleaning, re-sanding, and sealing process. 


First, we will fix any settlement and/or shifting from improper installation and go through our cleaning process. Then, we will follow up with re-sanding and sealing the pavers to make them new again. At the end of the process, we guarantee that you will have the look of a brand new, freshly installed patio at a fraction of the price.



Key Benefits of Paver Restoration

Save money and let us restore your pavers to create that new look you want your outdoor entertainment area to have.

  Adds functionality and beauty
  Expands your living space 
  Reduces maintenance & offers privacy
  Cost effective and increases home's value
  Enjoy the great outdoors

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